Vision Systems

100% quality control, position detection, text or code reading and more. Our vision systems are individually tailored to your requirements. By using a uniform system basis, we can offer individual solutions at an attractive price.

Highlights mevisco vision systems

20 cameras per system

Up to 20 cameras can be connected to our systems. Each camera can be pointing at a different object or all cameras can be pointing at the same object.


Image acquisition and processing with motion speeds of 8 m/s are possible. Our camera systems adapt to your cycle time and not vice versa.

Editing During Operation

Our image processing software mips is characterized by its simple operation. Changes can even be made during operation.

Statistics & Dashboard

Significant statistics are generated from our systems, broken down by criteria and cavities. Our dashboard is accessible from any browser in the local network.

Easy Type Change

Thousands of different types can be stored in our systems. With one click a new type for all cameras is loaded. Optionally, the loading process can also be triggered by an external control.

Universally Applicable

Our systems have many applications: quality control, position recognition, text or code reader, presence control or a combination of all.

High Resolution

We use cameras with very high resolution to make even the smallest details visible.

Computer Centered Solution

Through a central computer several cameras can be connected to one system and the computing power can be adapted to the task.

Signal Monitoring

All incoming and outgoing signals in our system are displayed by our SignalViewer and optionally stored. This is a great help during installation and troubleshooting.

Offline Version

For evaluation and training purposes, you will receive a free and temporally unlimited offline version of our image processing software mips. With it, images can be loaded from a live system and processed offline.

Asynchronous Execution

Process images from several stations with one system. The stations work completely independent from each other. So you have two systems in one.

Remote Maintenance

The remote access allows us to provide quick help in case of problems. You save waiting time and travel expenses.

System Variants

  • Performance

    Our all-round carefree solution

  • Complete stand control panel including monitor and controls
  • Maximum 20 cameras per system
  • High to highest computing power
  • Fully asynchronous
  • Compact

    When space matters

  • Compact design optional with monitor and control elements
  • Maximum 4 cameras per system
  • Medium computing power
  • Limited asynchronous
  • Integrated

    Fully integrated into the machine

  • Completely integrated into the machine
  • Maximum 20 cameras per system
  • Medium to highest computing power
  • Completely customizable

All our system variants are individually adapted to your task.


We offer various interfaces for data exchange between vision systems and machine. The basic data exchange takes place via 24V signals, PROFINET or EtherCAT.

Statistical data from the camera system can be stored in a SQL database. External systems can access this data from anywhere in the local network via SQL queries. More information.

If you want an individual solution, e.g. a log file in a special format or the direct writing into your database, we can offer you this with relatively little effort. We can extend our software with modules developed especially for you, which form the interface to your system.




We provide solutions!

Turnkey Solutions

We supply hardware, software and integration from a single source. You get a system that works.

Free Feasibility Analysis

We check the feasibility of the image processing task in our laboratory and prepare a report for you.

Competent Consulting

Together with you we develop the integration of camera and machine and support you during the entire process.