Vision Inspection Systems

Machine vision inspection is an essential element in highly automated industrial processes.

We deliver your individual solution.

Vision Inspection for Quality Control and Automation

Since 1996 mevisco has been developing tailor-made vision inspection solutions for our customers. We support you from the feasibility analysis to the integration into the machine.

Our vision systems are always individually adapted to customer requirements. In-depth tests in our laboratory help us to select the image processing components that are perfectly suited to the inspection task at hand.

Together with our image processing software mips and a comprehensive service support, our customers receive a complete image processing solution from a single source.

Our work has already convinced many customers from the automotive, packaging and medical technology sectors.

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Do you know Digimarc?

Visualization Digital Digimarc watermark on a chips packaging everywhere barcodes

Digimarc is a digital watermark. It can be applied to all kinds of surfaces. Digimarc watermarks are not perceptible to the human eye, but can be read by scanners or vision systems. This opens up interesting applications for Digimarc. A key application is the Holy Grail 2.0 initiative, which aims to improve the recycling process.

Production statistics


Vision systems detect defective products in the production process. This can be used not only for sorting into good and bad parts, but also to optimize the production process. Learn what the production statistics of the mevisco vision systems provide for data and how you can access this data.

Vision inspection of IML packaging

transparenter Becher mit IML Label

Machine vision inspection systems for quality control of IML packaging are a challenging inspection task. When checking directly on the handling, high-speed vision systems are required.