Optical Quality Control

mevisco vision systems are used for optical quality control of a wide variety of products. We combine hardware and software to ensure the optimal quality of your product. For each product, different inspections can be executed at the same time.

In a production statistics each inspection is evaluated individually. This allows you to quickly identify production problems, take action and ensure high quality production.

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Quality inspections


Contamination and soiling are a problem in almost every production process. Either the starting material is already contaminated or the contaminations occur during production.

Our systems work with high-resolution cameras so that even the smallest contaminations are reliably detected.

Schematic diagram quality control contamination
Schematic diagram Quality control Dimensional accuracy

Dimensional accuracy

Compliance with manufacturing tolerances is a very important task in quality control. In our systems, you can specify the permissible tolerances to the millimeter.

You need a higher accuracy? No problem. Our image processing experts determine the appropriate camera-lens combination in our laboratory so that the desired accuracy is achieved.

Schematic diagram Quality control Dimensional accuracy

Surface inspection

Flawless surfaces are a sign of quality and sometimes also technically necessary. Precise inspection is therefore essential.

Every surface is different. That is why we use special inspection methods for different surface types.

Schematic diagram surface inspection
Schematic diagram Quality control contour

Contour inspection

Contour inspection can be used to check the outline of a product.

Our systems can distinguish between short-wave and long-wave deviations as well as between inward and outward deviations. This possibility of fine differentiation means that only the parts that are really defective are sorted out.

Schematic diagram Quality control contour

Label inspection

Only with a label do many products become a real product visually. Of course, the label has to fit correctly. With our systems, you can check the label position, the label spirality and the label gap. Mixing of grades is prevented by checking the label grade.

In the IML process, label and product are joined together. We have years of experience in testing IML products and are absolute experts in this field.

Schematic diagram quality control label

Are you looking for something different?

We can do even more. Just ask us.

This is only a selection of the optical quality assurance that is possible with our vision systems. Our software can be customized specifically to your product via a graphical user interface.

If even that is not enough, we can create an even more individual solution for you. We develop our image processing software mips ourselves. Therefore we can also implement individual wishes. Our software developers will be happy to create an interface just for you or develop an inspection together with our image processing experts that solves your special task.

Schematic representation barcode reading

Barcodes, QR codes & Digimarc watermarks

Barcodes and QR codes accompany us everywhere in our digital world. Of course, you can also read and process these codes with our camera systems.

But do you already know Digimarc? Digimarc is a digital watermark that makes it possible to apply codes that are imperceptible to humans to the entire surface of a product. Digimarc watermarks are a central component of the Holy Grail 2.0 initiative, which aims to improve packaging recycling.

Schematic representation barcode reading

Reading texts

Our systems can read not only codes for machines, but also texts for humans. Do you need to check a date, compare a serial number with a database or read a cavity number? All this is possible with our systems.

Our systems can check the read texts or pass them on to a higher-level system.

Schematic representation read text
Schematic diagram quality control presence

Assembly & presence control

Does your product consist of many individual parts and are there many different product variants?

Thousands of product variants can be stored in our vision systems. For each variant, the presence and correct selection of components can be checked. At the same time, the quality of the individual components and the correct assembly can be checked.

Schematic diagram quality control presence

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