LogDatabase & Dashboard

Industry 4.0 for mevisco vision systems

With the combination of LogDatabase & Dashboard an external access to the data of the mevisco camera systems is possible. The data is visualized on a dashboard in the web browser. Thanks to the open standard, they can also be retrieved from your production data acquisition or other external systems.

» Complete production documentation

Each execution of the camera system is stored in a database. This means that the production process can be traced without gaps.

» Central production monitoring

Monitor the condition and reject rate of your machines from a central control station. Increase production quality and reduce downtime at the same time.

» Automatic notifications

Receive automatic notifications when events occur (for example, when the scrap rate is exceeded). This way, you can be sure that your production is running stably.

» Local data storage

Data is not stored in a cloud, but directly on the vision computer. This gives you full control of who has access to the data.

» More statistics

The internal statistics from our image processing software mips are not enough for you anymore? Individual statistics can be generated in the dashboard using your own SQL queries.

Access production data from any computer or smartphone and easily integrate with your systems.

Secure data storage

Production data is sensitive data and should never be publicly available. With our system, your data does not leave your local network. It is protected by your existing IT infrastructure.

Through local networking and VPN, the data can still be accessed from all over the world if necessary.

Open access via SQL

All data visualized on the mevisco dashboard can also be accessed by external systems. Access is via the standard database language SQL.

This way, the data can be quickly and easily integrated into your production data acquisition. We are happy to support you in the implementation.

Breakdown by defect criteria and cavities

The data is stored broken down by defect criteria, lines and cavities. This makes it possible to identify problems in the production process down to the exact cavity.

If required, the data can be evaluated down to the function level. Thus, no detail remains hidden.


The mevisco Dashboard is a web app that displays the production data of the LogDatabase in a clearly arranged way.

Dashboard Screenshot

Individual configuration

Each dashboard can be customized for the specific production system. Different dashboards can also be created for different application purposes for the same system. For example, there can be one dashboard for plant operators, one for quality control and one for management.

Configuration via GUI

A dashboard consists of several panels. In edit mode, panels can be dragged and dropped or new panels can be added. With basic knowledge of SQL, new dashboards can also be created and optimized by yourself. If you need support, we are of course here for you.

Display in the web browser

The mevisco dashboard can be displayed in any modern web browser. This allows the dashbaord to be displayed on the vision system itself, on the control center computer, on an overview monitor in the production hall, on a tablet during a meeting or on a smartphone while on the road.

Overview or details

On the mevisco dashboard, details of one system as well as an overview of several systems can be displayed. For example, a home page can display the reject rate and status of all mevisco camera systems. By clicking on the system, a detailed dashboard for a system including reject rates of the individual defect criteria and cavities for this system is then displayed.

Alarm functionality

Can’t watch the dashboard all the time to check production? You don’t need to. For example, be notified by email when the scrap rate rises above a certain level.



What is the difference between LogDatabase and Dashboard?

LogDatabase stores the data from the vision systems. Dashboard displays the data from LogDatabase.

Can I use LogDatabase without Dashboard?

Yes, LogDatabase can be used without Dashboard. For example, if you integrate the data exclusively into your PDA without using the visualization via the mevisco dashboard.

Can I use Dashboard without LogDatabase?

No. The dashboard works on LogDatabase data and therefore requires it.

Can existing mevisco vision systems be extended with LogDatabase & Dashboard?

Yes, existing systems can be expanded. Please contact our sales department.


Which data are stored?

The data of each evaluation of the vision system can be stored down to the function level. A breakdown by cavities and criteria is possible. In addition, most statistical ratios and counters from mips can be saved.

Are the images of the vision system stored?

No, the images of the camera system are not stored in LogDatabase.

If you are interested in a solution with a storage of the camera images, please contact our sales department. We will find an individual solution for you.

How much data can be stored?

This depends on individual factors of the camera system such as production speed, number of cameras, cavities and criteria, capacity of the hard disk and other factors.

Generally, systems are designed to store at least one day’s production. But it can also be, for slower and simpler systems, several days, weeks or even months.

We are working on a compression solution so that the production data of several years can be stored.

How can I integrate the data into my production data acquisition?

LogDatabase uses a MariaDB database. You have full read access to it. So you can use SQL commands to access all data that is also available in the dashboard.

Of course we support you with the integration.


What data can I see on the dashboard?

All data stored in LogDatabase can be displayed in the Dashboard. This is especially statistical production data.

Can I also see the mips stats on the dashboard?

Yes, the mips statistics can be stored in LogDatabase in addition to the production data. Thus, the statistics known from mips can be displayed 1 to 1 also in the dashboard.

Can more statistics than in mips be displayed in the dashboard?

Yes, virtually any statistical data can be generated by indvidual SQL queries. Thus, significantly more and more flexible statistics are available than with the mips internal statistics.

Can the dashboard be customized?

We deliver the Dashboard with a basic configuration adapted to the camera system. If you have special requirements, we will be happy to customize the dashboard for you.

Can I customize the Dashboard myself?

Yes, just like our image processing software mips, the dashboard is open for customer adjustments.

The arrangements of the panels can be changed via drag & drop. Colors and panel types can be edited via the GUI within the dashboard. Custom SQL queries can be used to display any data from LogDatabase in the Dashboard.

Network & Security

Is the production data stored outside the company network?

No, we pursue the highest security standards with the LogDatabase. The production data is stored locally on the image processing computer.

Is networked production a prerequisite for using LogDatabase & Dashboard?

No, networking is not a prerequisite. LogDatabase & Dashboard can also be usefully deployed locally on the vision computer to generate more statistical data than previously possible.

With local networking, data from different systems can be displayed in one place without the production having to be completely networked.

Can I access the production data from on the road, for example from my smartphone?

With LogDabase & Dashboard we deliver the possibility for this. The Dashboard can be accessed via any modern browser, including a smartphone.

However, the smartphone must have access to the Dashboard server. This access can be enabled via a VPN connection, for example. Access must be created by your IT.