The invisible barcode

Digital watermarks make it possible to apply barcodes to the entire surface of a product. The Digimarc Barcodes are not visible to the human eye, so that the barcodes do not impair the visual appearance.

Digimarc Barcodes can be reliably read with mevisco vision systems.

The human sees the left image: no barcode. The mevisco vision system sees the right image: barcodes everywhere.

How does the Digimarc Barcode work?

The Digimarc barcode works with a patented method of digital watermarking. The code is embedded in individual color channels and is thus barely visible to the human eye. More information.

Advantages of Digimarc in the packaging industry

Faster checkout process

Since the barcode is applied to the entire surface of the product, there is no delay in scanning at the checkout.


No impairment of the design

The barcode no longer affects the design of the article, as it is not visible to humans.

No higher printing costs

No special ink is needed to print the watermark. Digimarc barcodes can be printed using existing printing processes.

Improve recycling

The Holy Grail 2.0 initiative advocates for better plastic recycling with digital watermarks. For better recycling, plastics must be sorted by type. The barcode can carry this type information. Since it is applied over the entire surface, it can be read even on deformed and partially destroyed products. Further information.


The Digimarc barcode allows additional information to be applied to the packaging, thus ensuring better traceability.

Unambiguous type identification

Variety identification via the printed image can be difficult when there are hundreds of different varieties. With the use of Digimarc Barcodes, the use is simple and safe.

Equipped for the future

We are convinced that Digimarc’s many advantages will make it a global standard in the packaging industry in the coming years. Be prepared for the future with mevisco vision systems already now. Offer your customers the possibility to use this future-oriented technology already now.