About mevisco

mevisco has been supplying image processing solutions for quality control since 1996. We started with intelligent cameras. Today, we exclusively use computer-centric solutions because of their higher performance. More about our vision systems

Since our foundation we have been owner-managed. mevisco is currently represented by three managing directors who are also owners. Dr. Jörg Höhne has been managing director since the foundation in 1996. Gordon Henske and Philipp Hamann, as long-time employees, took over the position as managing directors in 2018.

We deliver customized, turnkey image processing solutions for individual tasks. For us, this means that we support our customers from planning, creation and integration to training and service. In the end, the customer receives a solution consisting of consulting, hardware, software and configuration. More about our inspection solutions

We do not take over the handling of the products. We leave that to the machine builders and robot specialists. This allows each party to play to its strengths, and the end result is a production machine with built-in quality control. More about our integration partners

mevisco’s headquarter is located in Bremen, Germany. Our systems are in use worldwide with a concentration on Europe and North America. All of our systems have remote service capability, so physical distances play a minor role for quick assistance. For North America we have an additional service point on site.


Headquarter mevisco GmbH & Co. KG

Konsul-Smidt-Str. 82
28217 Bremen

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phone +49 (421) 33 50 90
fax +49 (421) 33 50 936


phone  +49 (421)  33 50 920


phone  +49 (421) 33 50 940

Online meetings

We are pleased to conduct online meetings with Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, we can also use TeamViewer Meeting without any installation at all. Download TeamViewer Meeting

Service North America

Breen Machine Automation Service LLC

phone  +1 (608) 504 2105

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